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Arabic to English translation
English to Chinese translation
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English to Spanish translation
Spanish to English translation
English to Italian translation
Italian to English translation
English to German translation
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English to Indonesian translation
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English to Vietnamese translation
Vietnamese to English translation
English to Greek translation
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English to Korean translation
Korean to English translation
English to Thai Translation
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English to Japanese translation
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English to Latin translation
Latin to English translation

English to Croatian translation

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English to Dari translation

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English to Farsi translation

Farsi to English translation

English to Sinhalese translation

Farsi to English translation

English to Afrikaans translation

Afrikaans to English translation


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Simultaneous Conference Interpretation Equipment Rental - Enquire Now: 1300 308 983


Australian Multi Lingual Services provides complete simultaneous interpreting solutions including provisions of simultaneous interpreters, rental of simultaneous interpretation equipment and provision of on-site technical services across Australia and worldwide.


Why do the interpreter's require a sound proof booth?


The interpreting booth enables the interpreters to work in a sound proof environment free from distraction. Similarly, the booth prevents the interpreter’s voice from distracting the speaker or attendees. Generally, booths are large enough to house two interpreters, the reason being that simultaneous interpreters work in pairs so that they can relay enabling one another to take short breaks (to rest their brains!). The interpreters listen to the speaker via a feed into the booth and interpret simultaneously to delegates wearing headphones. Sound distribution from interpreters to attendees takes place wirelessly via infrared.


Do we need a technician?


Yes, for each project, we provide a technician to set up, maintain and pack up the systems. The technician will arrive the day prior to the event to set up the system. The technician is present throughout the entire event monitoring the audio and ensuring that the event runs smoothly with no equipment hiccups.


We know that every event is different and each meeting has its own requirements and we work together with you to make sure we not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. We rent high quality simultaneous interpretation equipment, including soundproof interpreters booths, digital conference/language distribution systems, infrared interpretation systems, digital interpreter consoles, and all related sound/audio components all setup and monitored by a qualified technician. With our comprehensive stock of simultaneous interpretation and hearing assistance equipment for rent, we can supply your needs, regardless of size or budget.


Please call 1300 308 983 for all interpreter and equipment enquiries




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